Dyllan J. Cummings

Update January 5, 2014


(L) Michelle and Dyllan Christmas morning (C) Dyllan opens his first Christmas present  (R) Brian and Dyllan


(L) Dyllan carrying the flag for Cub Scouts Pack Meeting. (C) Michelle (Den Leader) presents son Dyllan his achievements for the month (R) Dyllan indoor rock climbing for the first time


(L) Dyllan playing his Electric Guitar at the CVES talent show  (R) Dyllan playing the drums for customers at Guitar Center.


(L) Dyllan striking a pose at the San Juan Train Station. (R) Dyllan's new "Big Boy" Bike

Dyllan letting loose with a "Wrist Rocket" at Oso Lake Boy Scout Camp.

Click here to see a You Tube Video that Dyllan produced for a  Rainbow Loom Bracelet.


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