Dyllan J. Cummings - The Year In Review....

Update January 2014 to January 2015


(L) Dyllan at Spider Park. (C) 4th Grade in Class Canyon Vista. (R) Snow fun in Big Bear.



All Photos of Dyllan at the Top of the San Jacinto Mountain near Palm Springs CA.



(L) Running at Canyon Vista Jog -A-Thon. (C) Striking a pose in Shelter Cove CA. (R) Riding an ATV in Whitethorn CA


(L) Dyllan in the Colorado River Laughlin NV. (C) Dyllan Vs. the Burro in Oatman CA. (R) "Gold Fever" at Canyon Vista Elementary


(L) Dyllan taking a Selfie... (C) Dyllan at Carlsbad CA Flowerbeds. (R) Easter fun..


(R) OC Fair Grounds "Imagination" (R) Brian Michelle and Dyllan having a little River Boat Fun on the Colorado River Laughlin NV. 



(L) Family Photo at the top of the San Jacinto Mountains Palm Springs CA. (C) Family Photo on the Boardwalk in Santa Cruz CA. (R) Family Photo Christmas day San Juan Capistrano CA


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