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 Update January 14, 2007


(Above Left) Dyllan really enjoys riding the Carousel!  (Above Center) Future Piano player? (Above Right) 1st photo with Santa at age 2!             



(Above Left) Brian, Michelle and Dyllan in front of the Christmas Tree at California Adventure, Disneyland.<Photo Credit Teresa Bettenhauser>  (Center) Mommy and Dyllan snuggle to keep warm waiting for Santa to come in on the Metro-Link in San Clemente CA. (Above Right) Dyllan giving Daddy a needed face lift while watching the Block Party Bash Parade at California Adventure, Disneyland.


Family Fun with Santa in San Juan Capistrano, CA! <Photo Credit Genny Cummings>

The Holiday's came and went in a flash (no pun intended)!!!

Dyllan is now 2 1/2, and cute as ever but now with a little more "attitude"! He talks more, loves to mirror what Mommy and Daddy do- physically and verbally.  Being more attentive when we read stories, asking questions or memorizing words. We encourage Dyllan to make up songs and do lots of make-believe. Dyllan is still very much into trains. He wakes up asking to play trains and tries to play with them in the dark long after his lights have been turned out! He knows some of the lingo and sounds and is tickled pink anytime someone has time to play train's with him.

New vocabulary: "oh sure!", "why not?", "no, I don't think so" and daddy's favorite "I have an idea?".

Talking on the phone: Dyllan can be found play talking on the phone and considers anything a 'cell' phone.

At this time, Dyllan has little in the way of volume control. Which is fine for us unless we're in public. But at home we encourage all that he does and when sings us a song, we clap every time. And in turn when 'we' sing, he claps for us! (We are not sure why, Brian is not that good..)

Dyllan is learning to ride a tricycle, likes to climb, and run in circles- anywhere. Dyllan will think at times he's on a roller-coaster, in the car, on the slide or watching a movie, he puts his hands up! (weeeeee)

Food. Dyllan now has the toddler appetite. Getting picky, but will consume apples, bananas, grapes, cheerios, gold fish, chicken nuggets, cheese pizza, peas, corn, milk , water, and any pasta. Sometimes Mommy can get him to eat something with grated zucchini in it as long as there is no trace of green. As for desert Dyllan can be found face first in a big bowl of vanilla ice cream with sprinkles.

Favorite DVD's This Week- The Polar Express, Cars, Any documentary of Trains and Signing Times. - Dyllan is still signing, learning new words (signs) and phrases every day!

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