Dyllan J. Cummings

Two Years in Review 2015 & 2016


Dyllan Bridging from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts February 2015 - The most up to date pix of the Dyllan (photo by Dan Shalaby.)


  (L) Borrego Springs December 2015 - (R) Monterey Bay Aquarium November 2015


(L) Dyllan petting a Sting Ray at Monterey Bay Aquarium.. (R) Michelle. Dyllan and Brian at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.


(L) Jordan Prince, Dyllan and Gemma Prince October 2015, (R) Dyllan presenting at a Boy Scout Awards ceremony October 2016.


Dyllan at the Ronald Regan Library, Simi Valley January 2017


(L) Michelle, Brian,Vance, Genny, Dyllan, Grandpa Jim, Tobey and Corey -Family Photo December 2016. (R) Dyllan Bowling


End of School Awards at Canyon Vista 5th Grade. Principal Mahoney and Dyllan - June 2015


(L) Brian, Dyllan and Michelle @ Aliso Creek Beach October 2016 (R) Dyllan playing Kick Ball at Canyon Vista April 2015    

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