Dyllan James Cummings Photos

 as of January 22, 2006


* Dyllan's reaction to a water fountain that shoots straight up at Fashion island, Happy little Dyllan *



* Dyllan with "Chicken Little" in Ca Adventure @ Disneyland,                       Loving' his mirror image! *



* Helping Daddy hold a bottle of water at our storage unit,                       Playing with some new 'plush' friends! *



* Checking out some 'real cows' in the countryside,                                       Twins? *


New Section: Camera Phone Pictures.

All of these photos where taken with one of our new LG 6100 camera phones, who knew??? 


                  * Blue Eyes,  and too close? *                                                                 * Trying a pickled beet *


                   * Brushing our teeth *                                                 * Too Cute *                                                  * Yes, Yes, Yes! *


                                                              * What's That? *                                    * Ready or not, here I come! *


Mixed video of Dyllan Jumping January 22, 2006

Dyllan is now 17  and 3/4 months old!   During meal times mommy has learned to 'sneak some foods in like shredded zucchini in with the cheese tortilla, or lima beans in the mac and cheese. He LOVES a bowl of cheerios and milk, better if added blueberries or banana's. Dyllan has not quite mastered the spoon or fork and usually prefers his hands! 

Now that Dyllan is walking and running, he has also developed the 18 month skill of climbing! Cute at first and then all day terrifying. Because of this new found passion, we've moved the coffee table out of his play area. Dyllan now 'owns' the living room area.  For now, the couch is only a place for him to put his toys on and not a object of climbing for now.

Dyllan is very good at understanding what we ask him to do! We ask him for a particular toy or object, he gets it. When we ask him to go get a book, he does and then climbs into our laps for reading! His way of accepting guest in our home is to offer them his toys. His infectious laugh charms most who visit! He has just started the infamous toddler 'tantrums', or 'melt downs' as we call them. Usually at the end of the day or when he's teething. While holding him,  we try to avoid his head  during a melt down because his head is much harder than our faces

Dyllan's communication skills are improving everyday! Both signing and verbal. He now says and signs 'more' and is working on the sign for 'thirsty'.  He loves making up new sounds and sometimes sings wordless tunes! If we point to a picture of a trash truck and ask what is that, he says "Beep, beep, beep," which is the sound they make backing up.  Seeing the trash truck is a highlight of his day!

Dyllan is our bundle of joy, so cute and we love sharing his adventures with you!


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