Dyllan James Cummings

 Update March 2, 2008


(left) Dyllan just Laughing it up in his car seat. (center) Playing at a friends house. (right) Lunch at Ratatouille at Disneyland.

(center) Dyllan having squeaky clean fun in the bath tub.


(left) Dyllan showing off his "big boy" Diego underwear. (center) Say Orange!  (right) Dyllan cruising down the trails at  Wood Canyon Park.


(left) Big stud, Little stud on  Valentines Day. (center) Dyllan and Mommy at Disneyland. (right) Our family at Home Town Buffet on Michelle's Birthday.


At 3 1/2 years of age, Dyllan is growing up so fast! 

He's definitely not shy! He loves to talk about anything and everything. He soaks up information and spits it right back to you! Sometimes he just goes on about a particular subject, until he's sure you understand! Books are very popular and so is music. Dyllan loves to play with a toy drum around his neck with one hand and a harmonica in the other! He'll hand us instruments and instruct us to "march" in place behind him in musical procession!

Dyllan is actively involved in various programs that allow him to interact with other children. He has regular play dates with friends and loves it when a family member or friend stops by to "play".

Dyllan is doing very well with potty training and has earned a few train sets as rewards. Now that he is diaper free, we hope to be pull up free with in the next month! His reward? A big boy bike!

Artistically, Dyllan will drop everything to just cut paper, any day! He enjoys spending time in Mommy and Daddy's studio, watching her make art while he makes his own. Together they have made trains out of paper, rocket ships out of recycled materials, and painted a bird feeder for the birds. He also likes to help water in the garden and plant flowers.

Dyllan helps Daddy with the dishes, sweeping, fixing things around the house, and running errands.


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