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Dyllan James Cummings

 Update March 10, 2007


(Left) Dyllan talking up a storm on the phone, but too whom?,       (Center) In deep thought,                 (Right) Recovering from being sick with Puppy.


(Left)Are you sure about this?.,                                (Right) Wheee! This is more my pace.


(Left) It's all about the trains.     (Center) Mommy and Dyllan on her 34th birthday,            (Left) Daddy and Dyllan in the bumper cars at Disneyland.

Our happy family photo.


 Dyllan is almost 3!

Dyllan has grown so much in since our last update. He is now using longer and more complete sentences. Dyllan is  showing us a new sense of humor, and is starting to portray toddler boy quirks, like burping and then laughing hysterically. He absorbs everything around him like a sponge and never fails to amaze us with something new!

New Vocabulary:  "wookie here!"- (lookie here), says, "Mommy is pretty", "Daddy is handsome" and "Dyllan is cute",

Dyllan also understands Red means stop, Green means go, and Yellow means Slow, and is in the process of learning right and left, forward and backwards.

Dyllan can often be heard reciting his new found passion (besides Trains), 5,4,3,2,1, blast off!- with anything he deems worthy to represent a rocket, a bunch of crayons, a drink cup, or some blocks.

Dyllan loves to color and can draw a circle and lots of lines!

Dyllan still enjoys singing and we often encourage him to make up new songs. He has a morning song that he sings which is usually followed by 2 rounds of "Jingle Bells". He knows "Baa Baa Black Sheep" and makes up new diddys whenever he learns new words like, Jicama. He can be heard singing along with children's songs and is in the process of learning "The Muffin Man" to which when ever he hears it he says, "Momma, I 'wike' that song!"

Signs includes, shrimp, whale and dolphin, daddy thinks he now knows a little over 50 signs.

Translations: wike = like, white= light, whitemeem= lightning,  wookie=lookie,  hold you= hold me,  I tired= I give up,

Food: Jicama, baby carrots, Mommy's special pasta, the usual fare that any toddler eats, and whatever Mommy and Daddy are eating at the moment.

Favorite Books : Anything trains, books that involve counting, and books that have a lot of mesmerizing illustrations.

DVD's of the month: Any Signing Times DVD, Mary Poppins, and always the Polar Express! 

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