Dyllan James Cummings

Update April 5, 2009


 Having some (late) winter fun at Aliso Creek Beach!


(left) Searching for sea shells. (right) Bounce house fun at a neighbors party.


(left) Marti Gras festivities. (center) Master Lego builder. (right) Flying his first kite at Wood Canyon Park.


(left) Little Drummer. (right) Peeking out of the shower, getting squeaky clean.

Dyllan watching Star Wars Clone Troopers on Daddy's Lap Top.


                   (left) At a Scrap Book Crop in Anaheim (photo by Teresa Bettenhauser) (right) Michelle's Birthday at Macaroni Grill (photo by Vance Cummings)


Dyllan is now just 4 months shy of being 5 Years Old!

Such a "big' boy now and what a good eater! He has declared fresh steamed asparagus a favorite and also like steamed cabbage and Brussels sprouts. He loves to help out in the kitchen...making juice, Jell-O, baking and over seeing the completion of dinner! He's gotten so tall he can help him self to his water from our automated water in the fridge door and knows where to find apples and cheese sticks. He prefers his pasta plain, with a little olive oil and fresh grated Parmesan Cheese and a trusty "otter pop" can soothe any stressful moment!

Everyday is a Star Wars "Lego" day. Dyllan is turning into quite the little engineer. He lays out the pieces in order according to the guide and builds away! Other times he creates his "own" ships and even a Lego man he called, "Dyllan".  The designs he comes up with when he creates his own, completely blow us away. He even found on his own that the legs/ bottom portion  of his Lego storm troopers also make a nice movable hinge for his ships. At times he may ask us if we want to watch him build certain ships and at other times ask if we want to "do team work" and build it with him.

Play dates, park days, making recycled bird feeders, bug hunting and blowing wish faeries (dandelion puffs), Disneyland, visiting Family and such makeup our daily outings.  What ever we do, we are always having a great time and can't wait to see what's goanna happen next!

Till next time...Brian, Michelle and Dyllan.

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