Dyllan James Cummings Photos

 as of April 22, 2006


                       *** Dyllan testing the sturdiness of a sheet in San Diego,    *  Checking out the waves at Newport Beach pier. ***     


              ***Hysterical Dyllan with yogurt on his face, *** Dyllan goofing around at the Block in Orange, *** "Got Books?"***


     *** Running around at Grand Park in Aliso Viejo,          *** Little Tuff Guy ***                        ****"Wheee! "***


*** Getting mind set for the Egg Hunt ***                          *** Now what? ***                      ***   Mommy and Dyllan   ***


*** Daddy and Dyllan surfing the web ***     Michelle, Brian and Dyllan @ the tide pools in Dana Point ***                  "Say Cheese!"


                                                           **** Having a blast at home****                   " One last shot"

Easter video of Dyllan April 22, 2006

Dyllan is now 21 months old.

Dyllan recently started eating at the regular table in his high chair with out the tray. He is starting to use his spoon and fork more and shows cute satisfaction when less food spills down his front and more gets in his mouth! As for food, he'll try anything he sees us try first. Some foods don't need further encouragement such as Chicken and Peaches and others are calmly spit out into our waiting hands, (better than thrown). Right now the craze is all about the "Dip". Chicken with ketchup, waffles and yogurt, cookies in milk, chips in salsa and toast with soup.

Dyllan's new infatuation are 'Trains and Stars". He loves to ride, read about and watch anything trains. No big surprise since Dyllan's Great Grandfather (James L. Cummings) was a Train Engineer and Fireman! Both share the same love of trains and the same 'cute' cowlick! If you say to Dyllan, "chugga-chugga", he responds with "choo-choo!". As for Stars, he points to the sky when we sing 'twinkle- twinkle little star', and exclaimed "wow, cool..." upon seeing the newly added glow in the dark stars on his bedroom ceiling. Since then, we've added more stars to the downstairs bathroom for daytime enjoyment. He also loves star pasta in his soup!

Every day is a new adventure and a new delight with Dyllan! He loves to play 'peek a boo' with Mommy and looks forward to Daddy coming home from work to take him to the 'Tot Lot'. He is a big helper while watering the garden and is full of constant toddler chatter to which some is understandable and the rest is too darn cute! He loves to swing, play in the sand, and to snuggle up for a good book. Favorite titles are "Five Little Ducks", "Things That Go" and "Animal Sounds." He knows most of the animal sounds, can recite some numbers, and some letters. 

We enjoy sharing his accomplishments with you. Happy Spring from all of us!


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