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Dyllan James Cummings

 Update April 22, 2008


(left) Dyllan in search of adventure (center) Whee!!!, (right) Look at that stance.


(left) Dyllan posing at the Carlsbad Flower Fields  (right) A gazing ball Family Portrait.


(left) Daddy's little shooter. (right) Mommy's little artist.


(left) Dyllan and Mommy, (right) Dyllan and Daddy at the Carlsbad Flower Fields.

As you can see, Dyllan is growing up faster than we can put up a web page to show him off!

He's a little fire ball of energy, always on the go! He can pedal his tricycle, climb like a monkey and is not afraid to do crazy stunts down playground slides.

Dyllan will give you a play by play of his favorite shows, books or things that he's seen and is impressed with! Still loves to sing, dance and make music! He'll often ask us to start singing so he can follow along with the beat of a drum or the shake of is maraca's.

Dyllan will be starting Pre-School in the fall, a big step for all of us and we are all very excited!

Favorite things to do with Mommy...helping her water the garden and feed the birds. Cut paper and make art together. Read stories.

Favorite things to do with Daddy...Going to the park, Take Pictures, go to Chuck E Cheese, and bonding with "boy" shows.

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