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 as of May 2, 2005






Dyllan James Cummings is now 9 months old!

He started crawling the day after Easter and loves to “pull” himself up to standing position when he’s in the crib or playpen. He loves to babble and make new sounds, delighting us with everything he finds wonderful!

 Dyllan now has a total of 6 teeth! 4 on top, 2 on the bottom. His baby food is still made from scratch and his favorites include pureed: sweet potato, banana squash, carrot, broccoli w/white potato, apples, pears, apricot, frozen mango, and chicken. Most everything is mixed with a little baby cereal for added vitamins.

Everyday there is something new to remind us of how blessed we are to have Dyllan and we can’t wait to share more ‘moments’ with you next month!


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