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Dyllan James Cummings

 Update May 6, 2007


Dyllan taking in a Circus Train (Left)  Dyllan (Center)  At the controls of the BNSF Freight Engine (Right) at the Fullerton Train Day


Dyllan at the Irvine Train Center (Left) Running in circles (Center) Standing on his head... (Right)


Super Dyllan running full speed (Left) Dyllan riding on the Metro Link  (Center) Mommy and Dyllan on the Big Ferris Wheel (Right)


Dyllan and Daddy (Left)  and  Mommy, Dyllan and Daddy (Right)  in the Engine Room of the Queen Mary.

 Dyllan is almost 3!

Wow, time is flying with our little guy! Growing so fast we can barely keep up! As if overnight, Dyllan now has "new" toddler energy! He talks a mile a minute and has so much to say! Conversations are now very in-depth and about what we are doing, the things we've done, and future adventures.

When we read a book, Dyllan loves to 'read' along out loud and has new questions for us regarding what's going on in the book. He can often be found reading to himself, sometimes just making up the story as he goes.

Dyllan LOVES to color with crayons! The finished art pieces are now covering are front door. At times he will call out to us, " Wook  (look)! I made that!" We have had a few moments where he has left his artistic mark on the walls and tile floor ~ thanks goodness for Mr. Clean erasures!

Still loves to sing and dance. Usually one song will be a mixture of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Jingle Bells, Baa Baa Black Sheep, This Old Man and any Signing Times song all rolled into one!

Recently at Disneyland, Dyllan experienced his first real roller coaster ride, "The Matterhorn Bobsleds", and up front! Once the ride was over he wanted to go home but soon after a few more new rides, our little guy was hooked!

Favorite Movies: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Mary Poppins, Happy feet  and the ever faithful Polar Express.

Favorite Music to listen to:  Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Mary Poppins and The Zoo Train & Pizza song from Signing Times.

Dyllan enjoys playing make believe with  pretend food, his trains and building blocks. He also likes to push his little shopping cart on walks around the neighborhood to collect leaves!


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