Dyllan James Cummings Photos

 as of June 5, 2005


Dyllan having a ball!                                      Dyllan in a bounce house at a Birthday party.


Serious Dyllan in a burlap bag!                          Dyllan telling us like it is.


Any requests?                                                    Mommy, Daddy and Dyllan.

1st water adventure, out side of the tub!


Dyllan James Cummings is now 10 months old!

He crawls like a rocket and loves to "pull" himself up to standing position on anything! His new thing is to throw things out of the crib or playpen. He get very excited and giggly when we "catch" him in the "act" of throwing something out! He gets so focused, problem solving and just play pretending, that he amazes us! Our little man!

Dyllan has discovered Mommy and Daddy's eyes, nose, mouth and teeth! He is also entranced with Mommy's hair and Daddy's glasses. Sometimes he mimics what we say but mostly he babbles a little bit of everything. Dyllan loves to laugh! The wheezy laugh and the heart tickling belly laugh.

Besides the usual foods, he loves bananas, and has also been sampling 'grown up' food.

Our love for Dyllan warms our hearts and our home. We hope you enjoy this addition to his web page as much as we did capturing the 'moments'!


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