Dyllan James Cummings

 Update June 11, 2008


(left) Dyllan resting at the LA Arboretum                     (center) by window light                           (right) Our next little camera man


(left) Dyllan at the top of Glacier Point, Yosemite      (center) At the Half way point of the Yosemite Sugar Pine Express             (right) Camera dude


(left) Dyllan over looking Half  Dome, Yosemite      (right)    Sitting on the Yosemite Sugar Pine Express


(left) Reading the Paper over Breakfast (Yea Right)                    (right) Chomping on a raw carrot fresh out of the ground.


(left) Eating fresh Strawberries from our local farm,              (right) His new Bob The Builder outfit.


(left) Dyllan in a old Barn at the LA Arboretum            (right) Dyllan showing off his pride and joy TRAINS!



(left) Splish Splashing at a beach in San Clemente.               (right) Dyllan and Mommy in Yosemite.


(left) Family photo at the LA Arboretum. (right) Dyllan and Daddy on a Tree Stump Chair in Curry Village, Yosemite


Michelle, Brian and Dyllan posing in front of their Tent Cabin in Yosemite Valley.

What a busy last couple of months it's been! Celebrating Mothers's Day at the L.A. Arboretum was a treat with Dyllan; experiencing numerous (loud) Peacocks, and one was even in a tree!

At Tanaka Farms (local in Irvine Calif), Dyllan was able to sample farm fresh peas, carrots, broccoli, sweet onion, lettuce and best of all ...Strawberries! Our little guy now loves ice-burg lettuce and will often request in his sandwich or as a snack!

Whether having fun playing in the waves or exploring the great outdoors of Yosemite, Michelle an Brian are sure to have an Adventure with Dyllan!

Dyllan can write his name plus a few other words, enjoys cutting paper in our studio and jumps at any chance to make someone a card! In a little over a month, Dyllan will be 4! We are excited as he is growing to be such a handsome and mature little man (with the occasional meltdowns).  He is very interested in how things work, where they come from, how it got there and plenty of "why's" are thrown in his daily conversations.

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