Dyllan James Cummings Photos

 as of July 5, 2005



Dyllan, having a fantastic time in the hotel room!                                         "Our little swinger!"    

At the Edgewater in Laughlin, NV.



Woke up with 'Bad' hair and a 'Great' attitude!          Brian, Michelle and Dyllan under the London Bridge in Lake Havasu.



"Watch out world, here I come!"                                     Michelle and Dyllan in front of  London Bridge in Lake Havasu.

                                                                                       We are not sunburned, it was just So HOT!



Dyllan, Brian and Michelle at the Hickory Pit , NV                                    Michelle and Dyllan, watching fireworks.

                                                                                                                 Dyllan the shy spectator. 




Beautiful show!                                                                                                 Twins?


Dyllan James Cummings is now 11 months old!

Dyllan is now more mobile than ever! Not yet walking, but he might by his first Birthday on July 30th! For now he crawls with serious determination and loves to pull himself up! We love to hear his 'babble' especially when he has one of his board books and is telling us the story. 

Dyllan delight all who meet him with his beautiful blue eyes and contagious smile, flirting with the women and charming the men!  On top of having 4 teeth on top and 2 on the bottom, Dyllan now has 2 more coming in on the bottom! That will be 8 teeth total by 1 year!

Favorite new foods are cooked chicken pieces ,cooked ground beef, cut up red grapes, halves of blue berries, corn and he LOVE'S watermelon!

We can't believe a year has almost come full term with our little guy, and can't wait to experience another amazing year, day, moment  and precious second with our lovable Dyllan!    :o)


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