Dyllan James Cummings

 Update July 8, 2006



                 " Little Gardener"                                                "Pole dancing?"                                  "King for a day!"      



                                           "Having a wet and wild time!"                       "Had his face in the wrong place at the wrong time!"


"Any request?"                                         "Future Fireman"


"Little Swimmer"                                            "It wasn't Me!"

"Family day fun!"



 Dyllan is now almost 2!

Now that Summer is here, most food is good! Dyllan loves fresh fruits; peaches, melons, berries and mangos. We grill corn and steak often and our  little dude 'digs' right in! If he wants to have some thing that you have, he'll say "Try? Try?" He also loves pizza and honey wheat pretzel rods that he calls "pritzle's"

Dyllan just finished beginning swim lessons, and was a fast learner! He enjoys kicking, gliding and jumping, we are still working on going under on command and blowing bubbles. If we tell him to close his mouth, he instead opens wide. 

Dyllan is picking up on so many new things now. He knows many objects, animals and sounds, he often does the hand sign with the word..  He is learning body parts, song motions and colors. And he loves to bounce in the crib and hop around the house. 

Books are a everyday occurrence with Dyllan. If he wants you to read to him, he'll kindly pat the couch and say, "sit". After many reads of the same book we try to find distractions. This does not always work especially when the book has a 'train' in it. We play dress up with the stuffed animals, role playing with his toys and dancing. 

Dyllan is a happy, energetic growing boy! Every day there is something new, whether exiting or tiring, it's all good and we love him so!

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