Dyllan James Cummings

Update July 13, 2009


(left) Dyllan getting ready to blow on a giant Wish Faerie ; (right) Making a wish at True Blue.


(left) Striking a pose; (center) Cooling off on a hot summer day; (right) Taking a picture of Mommy.


(left) 4th of July weekend pool fun; (right) Slip and Slide


(left) Dyllan with his newest Lego Kit; (right) Dyllan and Michelle going down a roller coaster at Legoland. Are they having fun?


(left) Dyllan and Daddy on a water ride; (right) Dyllan's first conflict driving at Legoland.


          (left) Dyllan and Mommy on a train at Legoland; (right) Going down a slide, fast!



         (left) which is bigger Dyllan or with Wish Faerie? ; (center) Showing off his muscles and tall skinny legs (right) Our happy family photo at True Blue.

Where does the time go.. Above are a few images we all took over the past months. We got to spend some time at True Blue (Glencoe, CA) and a day at Legoland California. Dyllan is growing up fast and becoming more of a youngster every day. He enjoys building Lego's, riding his bike and just having fun. Dyllan and Michelle are both taking Tai Kwon Do.


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