Dyllan's Bike and 4th Birthday Video

Dyllan James Cummings

 Update July 27, 2008


(left) Dyllan at East Wing Park. (center) Happy Dyllan. (right) Dyllan is showing off his new bike. (check out the video)


(left) Cheese Head Dyllan at The OC Fair. (center) Dyllan and Mommy riding the Train at The OC Fair. (right) Dyllan on Buzz Light Year, Disneyland.


Going for the color rings!! Our little water baby with his eyes open!


Dyllan just splashing around on a hot summer day.


(left) Dyllan showing off his party favors. (right) Dyllan getting ready to blow out those candles. (see video)

Dyllan, slipping and sliding down the way!

Dyllan will be Four this month. He has really taken to the water and now can swim with his eyes open and grab rings. As if that was not enough Dyllan got a bike from his grand parents for completing his potty training this and has taken to it full speed. He can be heard "Daddy lets go to the park, or can we go around the block". Last Dyllan celebrated his Fourth Birthday with some of his friends and family.

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