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Dyllan James Cummings

 Update August 4, 2007



 (left) Surfer Dyllan at The Orange County Fair   ~     (center) Dyllan looking sharp with a new hair cut  before his birthday  ~   (right) Making his way through the tube at his 3rd Birthday at JW Tumbles in Aliso Viejo Calif.


(left) Little Beach Bum   ~                 (center) Dyllan opens wide for water fun    ~                   (right) Dyllan and Daddy in the pool


(left) Dyllan and Mommy in the pool                    ~          (right) Daddy, Dyllan and Mommy getting wet.

Dyllan is now 3!

As of overnight, Dyllan now has begun to use complete sentences with us and still continues to ramble with his cute toddler way about anything and everything!

Dyllan is now infatuated with Diego, Wonder Pets and The Back Yardigans. He sings their songs often and once told the Momma, that he 'wikes' Diego, he's great, he saves animals!

Sometimes when Dyllan is just plain pooped instead of saying no he will sign it, in is cute but commanding way.

Dyllan loves to swim, play trains, read to and making up songs.

We can't believe it's already been 3 years! He's grown so much in so many ways, delighting, enchanting and extemporaneous everyday!

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