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 Update August 6, 2006


Our little water baby!                                                                             Future Train Engineer!                                              


       Daddy and Dyllan watching fireworks!                 Fun at the O.C. Fair!                                 Mommy and Dyllan  on 4th of  July!                        



Dyllan helping Daddy drive the boat in Laughlin                             All tuckered out!



Family Fun on the river!                                                                   Home at last!


 Dyllan is now 2!

Summer is almost over and we've experienced a loud and exciting 4th of July with Dyllan, going to the O.C. Fair, swim lessons and Dyllan's 2nd Birthday!   

Favorite toys at the moment is anything trains, pirates, sidewalk chalk and music to dance to!
Dyllan can say many words and signs, some of the words seem to be fluent only to the Momma. Dyllan can say one complete sentence ~ "No more monkeys jumping on the bed!" To which is no surprise since that's one of his favorite books along with "Five little Ducks" and "Good Morning, Chick"

 Dyllan loves to say "Hi!' to everyone and anyone, delighting many that we come across in our adventures. He loves to draw and when he offer to draw something for him, 9 out of 10 times, he usually asks for a choo-choo train. No surprise there!

As for foods, he now has the picky toddler appetite. Pasta is always a hit and he's advanced to taking a bite of a sandwich instead of taking it apart to eat the meat or cheese. Still loves fresh fruit and grapes!

Dyllan had a wonderful 2nd birthday at a new park in San Clemente. Dyllan's theme was 'farm' to go along with the parks new play structure and Mommy's hand made barn yard animals! All his same age friends came to celebrate with him and enjoy the food and fun!

Dyllan's happy talking can sometimes be challenging to decipher but entertaining at the same time. At meltdown time we call him 'Drama King' which can be humorous to watch. He is our joy, our cute little boy and we love seeing, hearing and helping him grow!

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