Dyllan James Cummings Photos

 as of August 7, 2005



Before: Dyllan feeding himself,   *   After: squeaky clean in the tub!


Dyllan had his 1st haircut at "First Cut" He sat in a little rocket, played and really behaved until the stylist brought out the electric razor.  Dyllan did not like 'that' near his ears! Daddy and Grandpa Jim were present with video and photo camera's! 

Click here to see 14 second Video Clip of Hair Cut July 28, 2005


Now we are ONE!

Dyllan had a blast with cake and everyone enjoyed watching him "dig" into it!

Click here to see 8 second Video Clip of Cake July 30, 2005


Dyllan James Cummings is now ONE!

The year has gone by so quickly!   We look back on the newborn photo's and marvel at the change in Dyllan. If you remember, - he had jet black hair and dark eyes. Now he has blond hair and blue eyes! He has grown up so quickly and has so many new friends! 

Dyllan now has 8 teeth total! 4 on top, 4 on bottom. He has graduated into the big tub for bath time, having more room to splash, kick, play and happily babble. Not yet walking on his own he definitely loves cruising in his crib or play yard. He also loves to splash in a kiddies pool with his friends and cousins. Dyllan is starting to mimic us in what we do, so Mommy is trying to teach him to blow a kiss.  :o)

Favorite foods?  He still loves everything we give him but now he takes it in with a 1 year old "attitude". It's harder for Mommy to slip in the not so favorites now that he has teeth and a strong reject tongue. New likes: white beans, mild Spanish rice, raisins soaked in water, cheerios, baby goldfish, mild cheddar cheese, any fruit in season, steamed red bell peppers, cooked peas, some steamed broccoli, deli turkey and toast.

We are looking forward to those first steps, and those first 'real' words. We are enjoying the happy smiles and contagious laughter. Everyday, Dyllan amazes us with a new spark of his beautiful personality and we love him more than everything! 

Thank you for letting us share a part of our son with you, we hope you continue to enjoy him day in and day out as much as we do now, and forever!



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