Dyllan James Cummings Photos

 as of October 9, 2005

* * * Always happy, always laughing!!! * * * 



Photo left: Having a ball at a friends house.  *  *  *  *  *     Photo right: Water fun at Irvine Spectrum. 



 Photo left: Mommy and Dyllan at the Long Beach Aquarium.  * * *   Photo right: Dyllan and Daddy having a swinging good time at Disneyland.  



Photo left: Mommy, Dyllan and Daddy at Disneyland for Family Day. * * *  Photo right: Our little "punk rocker" just before haircut #2.


* * * I'm walking! * * * 

Click here to see a 10 second Video Clip of Dyllan's First Steps October 9, 2005

Towards the end of  September 2005, Dyllan and Michelle visited Mary Helen (her mom) who lives in Borrego Springs, Ca. Dyllan had a blast chasing Tyra (Michelle's cat) all over her house! Under the desk, under the bed, on the bed. He thought Tyra was a hoot!, and would search for him every time Michelle said "where's the kitty?"  We're glad Tyra gave Dyllan the chance to get to know him cause Tyra passed away a few short days later, and will be missed. 


Dyllan James Cummings is now 14 months old!    His new favorite foods are orange slices to which he will also munch on the rind. Spaghetti and meatballs, mac and cheese, minestrone soup,  all fruit, yogurt smoothies, and some veggies. Dyllan is done using the sippy cup and has migrated to a flexie straw or just drinking from the cup like a 'big' boy!  Our little 'dude' is now starting to walk! He still prefers crawling but walks around his play yard more each day! I think he looks like a Orangutan, and Brian thinks he looks like a little Frankenstein! Either way, he is so cute! In preparation of walking, Dyllan got his 1st pair of shoes for walking, and perfect for checking out the pumpkin patches! Dyllan now says "Mama, Dada, and Wow". We are teaching Dyllan baby American Sign Language and he can easily sign to us when he is "all done" with his food, bath or.   Dyllan's favorite shows include: Sesame street, Jo Jo's circus, The Wiggles  and anything else that has music!   We play, have fun, nap, visit with same age friends and have a good time. He also enjoys being read to by Mommy, Daddy and anyone else who might drop by. Dyllan melts our hearts everyday! We are so happy he is ours and we enjoy sharing him with you!                                                                                                        


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