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Dyllan James Cummings

 Update November 5, 2006


Dyllan climbing pumpkins                        Dylllan loves to show off his Thomas the Train shirt                     Dyllan kicking it at Disneyland


Dyllan and "Pooh Bear"                                   Dyllan Looking Sharp                                 Look everyone, a big bubble!


A goat says "Mama"                              Keeping cool in the pool


Dyllan with Mommy at Pumpkin Patch                            Dyllan with Daddy at Pumpkin Patch

Look who is growing up!!!

Dyllan is talking so much more now! The little guy has a lot to say and is not afraid to tell us how it is! He says whole sentences, has a much larger vocabulary with signing and loves to sing. Some songs he will sing are; Twinkle Twinkle, Ring Around the Rosie, Old McDonald and ABC.  In English and Spanish, Dyllan can count to 10, he knows the colors, and most greetings. We have conversations with Dyllan daily about what we are going to do or what we have done recently. We quiz him on names and words. In the car Mommy and Dyllan often play the repeat game where Mommy says words like 'Marvelous' or Onion' and Dyllan repeats them. He often ask "where people in cars going", so we say things like to their home, or the market and such. Sometimes we ask him where the people are going and he says, to the bank, to Michaels or to the Market. Of course there have been times where he has repeated other words that we just choose to ignore at the time.

Dyllan still is in 'love' with Trains. Often we find that he has 'made' trains out of un-common items like; his food, toy cars, rocks, leaves and anything he can find! He likes to lie on the floor to get close up and personable with his trains.

Recently when Daddy goes off to work Dyllan can be heard saying "no daddy go to work".

Dyllan still loves to be read to. If one of us are unable to read to him, he can usually be found engrossed in one of his favorite books, even if it's upside down!

Dyllan loves to eat apples and be coaxed out of most tantrums with a crisp cold one. Also likes rainbow and pretzel goldfish, pasta, wheat bread, fresh fruit, raisins, pizza, cheerios, pancakes, waffles, peas and corn on the cob.

Dyllan is constant joy to be around, even on those extra 'needy' days. We love to learn, play and watch him evolve.

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