Dyllan J. Cummings

Update December 29, 2012


(L) Dyllan looking too cool for school. (R) Brian Dyllan and Michelle at Aliso Viejo Creek Beach  (Photos by: Dan Shalaby)   


(R) Dyllan's 3rd Grade Portrait. (C) Dyllan Skating at Van's Skate Park- Block of Orange. (R) Dyllan as Mario on Christmas Day.


(L) Dyllan and his Pikachu Wallet. (C) Dyllan un-wrapping Santa's Gift. (R) Dyllan and Puppy with Santa Gift.


(L) Brian and Dyllan. (C) Michelle and Dyllan. (R) Michelle Dyllan and Brian with some of our Holiday Gifts.


Dyllan going down a snow covered hill at a Middle School in Big Bear California.

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