Michelle celebrated her 35th Birthday in February, crafting at a Scrapbook expo and Craft Hobby Association event. Michelle also earned her Certificate stating she is a  Certified Fiskar Demonstrator!

     In March, Brian and Michelle had their 5th Wedding Anniversary.

     We visited the Carlsbad Flower fields in April where Dyllan had his first taste of taking photo’s on his own!

     The view was beautiful and the waterfalls were majestic in May as we stayed in Yosemite’s  Camp Curry along with Grandpa Jim. We had a  little rain, a lot of sun and plenty of fun!

     Brian turned 37 in June. The days were long, hot and filled with pool and beach fun.

     Our Dyllan turns 4 in July, earning a “Big Boy” bike for finally being potty trained! Brian joins the neighborhood home association board.

     Dyllan’s 1st day of pre-School was on September 3rd!

He goes M-W-F, 8:00am - 11:30am.  He loves it! His friends, his teacher and new learning’s! We enjoy good sun and friends on the Laughlin River for a weekend. Michelle starts taking yoga, and finishes off the month by going away with her crafting group to an annual Scrapbook retreat in Palm Springs!

     With Dyllan a Jedi and Michelle a Witch, together they enjoyed a fun filled October at a California Adventure Halloween event, many spooky party’s with friends and Trick or treating until the candy bag was too heavy to carry!

     Michelle experienced a successful Holiday Boutique in November with her Goddesses of Craft group, and attended an Amazing day with 100 other Fiskateers at a Regional event in Long Beach. Brian Michelle and Dyllan spent the week before Thanksgiving at the Grand Canyon. The views were breathtaking and both Brian and Dyllan took amazing photos!

     As of now, December has been a whirlwind of Family and Friends get-togethers, baking, tree decorating and Christmas day countdowns!

See you next Year!


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